Ray of Good Hope International Volunteers

"restoring hope to the hopeless"  

Participating in an international short term volunteer projects and programs be both beneficial to you and us, the Women with A mission. Itís very fulfilling to have a touch in the life of someone, to leave a long lasting positive impact. Itís an interesting and meaningful way to travel with purpose to spend 2-3 weeks in a foreign community, strange culture and a taste if incredible cuisines. Working and living together with other volunteers from around the world provides an excellent opportunity to learn from each other, make many new friends, learn about unknown places and culture, and earn a college credit, gain new skills and experience. Your time, energy, and enthusiasm can make a difference in areas where help is really needed on a daily basis.

Working in a multicultural environment has got a lot of benefits! For those of us who live or have got interest in East Africa or those of you who want to enjoy the wonderful generosity of East African people while volunteering in the local community based organizations. East Africa is endowed with numerous awesome scenery, fauna, flora and games; especially the well known Big 5. If that statement speaks volumes to you, please join us today and have a change to watch large numbers for maximum thrill. Please do not fail to share your experiences, life stories, projects information, travel schedules, recommendations, advises etc.

YES! What does volunteering in East Africa means to you? Take advantage of this great organization to realize your goals. It has a lot to offer than you think. We are the living testimonies and the memories are made of this noble cause. Please change your attitude and get out there and make new friends as your impact the community. Your holiday season is a great time to volunteer and reach out and help the needy. The Women With A mission is offering you tips on how to enjoy your vacation while at the same time serving in the local charitable organizations and community based groups that need volunteers to run their programs, teaching, babysitting, work in the dispensaries, fundraise money for the local groups among other noble causes like visit the sick or elderly or just spread some holiday cheer among the less fortuned members of the local community. If youíd like to help, kindly do not hesitate to either contact the number of groups recommended, send us an email or access more information on this site by clicking on the volunteer tab and you will be re-directed to the helpful site. Please be a partaker in both local and international events or organize you own at the grassroots level. Take a genuine step of doing something meaningful for you, community, Country and international. Be proud of who you are and thank God always for giving you that precious life. Traveling alone or even with your partner, gives you an ideal opportunity to make friends while on vacation. Obviously, you need to trust your gut and safely meet anyone new, but if you do it the right way you'll get a chance to meet new friends you wouldn't normally have had a chance to talk with. 

The key is always people out in a neutral location and not giving out any identifying information about your hotel room number, last name, etc. if you weren't lucky to get someone to host you in his/her house. Until you feel comfortable with the person. Traveling to East Africa is greatly rewarding as there are a lots of folks who are generous, they can even fight for the guest! They will even try to undo or put up a great show to win the heart of the potential guest. Most of these folks if not all are genuine and honest. They have got zeal of hosting strangers. Please letís go tour and volunteer in East Africa, nous allons aller visiter l'Afrique orientale maintenant, Vamos a visitar a Ńfrica Oriental ya, Wir besichtigen Ostafrika jetzt gehen and here comes Swahili, the native Language of East africa.......hebu kwenda ziara ya Afrika Mashariki sasa

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