RAYS OF GOOD HOPE partners with various nonprofit organizations and government Institutions that brings together people with various desires to work for the community in provisions of the essential services like health, Education, food, shelter and other related amenities, to work as a team and to speak as one voice to advocate for their rights, lobbying for protection of the Children in the society who are subjected to the early marriages due to archaic traditions that are still practiced in many families in Africa.

We also input international partnership with individual, corporate, governments and nongovernmental organizations who desires to offer their unlimited time, energy and money to work within our communities in East Africa.

We invite professional Teachers with great desire to offer assistance, guidance and inspiration to the children of East Africa. Education when combined with health care and economic development programs provide immediate relief and are the solutions to ending long suffering and cyclical poverty in East Africa. All programs are implemented in partnership with the community, thereby empowering the local communities with control over their lives “If you don't have any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” Bob Hope, when you volunteer it means you give yourself without any regression, without condition, but with full devotion... Faith Tomaquin

We have partnership with the following agencies and not for profit organizations:

  • National Association of women’s organizations in Uganda (NAWOU)
  • Mentor Volunteers Uganda
  • A to Z children charity
  • Peal of African Handcrafts
  • Joyce Fertility Support Centre
  • NetAid
  • Idealist

If your organization is interested in becoming our partner or organizing community activities, exchange programs and projects where we work, please fill out the online form and we shall contact the soonest possible.