Ray of Good Hope International Volunteers

"restoring hope to the hopeless"  


Volunteer In Uganda or Tanzania for 1-3 Months
on Community Development Programs

This is a great service! Be part of the team that changes life and leaves a long lasting impact.  Lend your heart, time energy, some money and hands to local people who are improving lives across the country.  Choose by region of Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania and by the service you want to provide. You learn first-hand about your host community's culture and history while serving as a valuable resource to children and adults. At the same time, you wage peace and gain new perspectives of the world in one, two or three weeks. Service projects: Child Care tutoring English Language, Chemistry, Geography, Social science, Mathematics, Biology, History and Government etc Health care, Construction/ repairs renovations, and more. No specialized skills needed!





Rural Program

Orphanage Teaching

Resource Centre

Doing What?

Working alongside villagers building projects they intent to start or have initiated themselves such as the construction of village dispensaries (health centers), school classrooms, pit latrines and staff houses for teachers and medical staff.

Working alongside staff in an orphanage working on all aspects of childcare, education and extra-mural activities.

 Working with a new NGO Resource Centre that is supporting health and child related projects.


Nairobi Region, Kenya

Arusha  Region, Tanzania

Kampala Region, Uganda





How long for?

4, 7 or 10 weeks.

11 or 12 weeks

11 or 12 weeks

Who can apply

Anyone aged 18 or over. All applicants are required to obtain police, medical checks and insurance prior to departure.

Anyone aged 18 or over. All applicants are required to obtain police, insurance, medical checks prior to departure.

Anyone aged 18 or over. All applicants are required to obtain police and medical checks and insurance prior to departure.

What is the Cost

It varies depending on if you are doing the 4, 7 or 10-week Program. Our aim is to keep costs as low as possible. Click here for prices.

Click here for prices.

Click here for prices.

How do I apply?

Using our Online Form - but read more about the Programs first

How do I pay?

Using our Secure Online Donations System or by Cheque/Bankers Draft

What do I next?

Click here to the next page to find out more about how to volunteer and the options available to you.

You will need to budget for some   spending money (for luxury items, stamps, etc.) and the cost of traveling to other parts of East Africa after you have finished with volunteering program. Places like Maasai mara, Tsavo, Mt. Kenya, Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro are the most ideal for many volunteers and some of the best safari parks in the world its worth allowing some extra time at the end). You also will be expected to provide your own personal kit (i.e. sleeping bag, boots, and backpack) and to pay for vaccinations and anti-malarial tablets (recommendations will be provided nearer the time). Finally you need to allow for the cost of your flights and medical insurance (which is compulsory).


  • be aged 18 or over on the proposed date of arrival in Tanzania;
  • Be available for an overseas phase of 4, 7 or 10 weeks (1 week of training and either 3, 6 or 9 weeks at the project) for the Nairobi Program or 11 or 12 weeks for the Arusha (the length depends on the start date). Click Here for Start Dates.
  • be, in the opinion of the Women With A mission team, likely to benefit from and contribute to the Program;
  • be able to pass the necessary medical and police check requirements;
  • Be able to raise the necessary funding required. See here for details.
  • be able to communicate effectively in English

The Village Development Program in Uganda, 
This is our largest, longest running and most flexible Program. It is ideal for volunteers who are new to development, are visiting Africa for the first time or just want to learn more about the realities of life in rural communities. Programs are of varying lengths (4, 7 or 10 weeks) with regular start dates throughout the Kenya.

Arusha Program length is 11 or 12 weeks. The Program will particularly suit volunteers with previous experience in organizational development, fund-raising or administration and with a strong interest in issues relating to child health, community development and health education. click here for more details

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