Ray of Good Hope International Volunteers

"restoring hope to the hopeless"  

RAYS OF GOOD HOPE has gone from strength to strength and became nationally recognized for its community-based learning support.

We are committed to supporting the needs of orphanages, Schools, Healthcare Centers and homeless in our community.

Both short term and long term International Programs (international volunteer programs from 2 to 12 weeks)
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We are in need of Teachers, Nurses, midwives, Doctors and others

We appeal to all Volunteers to come and participate in this worthwhile community services.

Our partnered informal learning institution Baden Powell Memorial is in need of teachers and counselors urgently. We started this informal elementary school as a rescue center for the orphans, Street children and destitute. The center has grown to be very helpful to the children and the community of Luzira. They get primary education, parental care and moral support from the well-wishers.

Baden Powell Memorial Center, Kampala.

It’s registered by The Government of Uganda through the Local Council of Luzira and the Ministry of Education.

Luzira is a highly populated in the outskirts of the Kampala city with an estimation of 420,000 People, this is where we established the first community learning center- The Baden Powell Memorial Academy.   It is most preferred by many people simply because its closeness to the Lake Victoria and cheap life. Most of the people there are either infected or affected by the deadly HIV and Aids. Due to this, there is a total of 75% of the children and Youths who are orphaned, most of these young ones have either lost both parents or have no immediate relatives at all.

There is also an influx of people from the Northern Uganda who are fleeing their war-ravaged area had worsened the condition of this area in Kampala City.

The center urgently seeks to have volunteer teacher’s counselors to give assistance to these young ones.

We are appealing to the well-wishers and donors to assist the organization with fundraising to enable the construction of building for more classes and dining hall because we incur a lot of expenditure in the rent. The land for construction of our site is already purchased.

Baden Powell Memorial Kampala intends to establish a high School in the Luzira community whereby most of the students graduating from this elementary school can be absolved into so as to get not only cheap but quality High School Education. Since the inception of this rescue center, we have been able to send 300 students to high school and 34 to public universities and the number is growing steadily.

Volunteers will be placed in primary or secondary schools that have requested to participate in our teaching projects. As for the Doctors, Nurses, and others volunteers, some similar arrangements to the Teachers can be done. Placements are normally at least dual (2 volunteers per school) or as you may prefer so that each volunteer will have the company of at least one other volunteer. We are currently negotiating for the home stays with the local community for your stay or maybe we can look for a house for rent in the nearby trading centers, with full cooking / laundry facilities so you can live together self-sufficient. The hosting school will be or may not be "closed" school holidays & normal activities but open for the RAYS OF GOOD HOPEVOLUNTEERS classes, which are available to all neighboring children, some may not normally be able to participate in class due to various, circumstance or other.

If you can sufficiently raise many funds there are possibilities to provide food for teachers, of course medically we have realized that specific dietary requirements can be met a lot easier if individuals can cook and prepare their own meals. You will find, however, that nearly every Child’s family will want to invite you for food with them!!

Accommodation in Arusha, Tanzania placements will be in either single or double rooms within the major trading centers with own bathroom and toilet or share with other tenants.

If you assume most of the children have nothing, it’s a good start! Regarding Materials please plan to bring whatever your class will need.  The teachers will have a curriculum but, as a general rule, your classes can be designed completely by you.

We will have photocopying/ printing services during the orientation in Kampala and will arrange a shopping trip before we leave on placements to pick up essentials you may need. Many classrooms lack materials so anything you personally require, please bring with you.

But if materials are available in the school where you are now, and they agree to donate anything such as stationery, that would be fantastic.

Accommodations in Kampala are either in rented apartment of hosted by families. RAYS OF GOOD HOPEVOLUNTEERS can hire some staffs that can be making cooking for you as well as wash clothes for the volunteers, though you must contribute money for food or buy your own. The staffs enjoy cooking for you, but it is your decision whether to cook for them in return some days. The staples of the East Africa diets are beef, Banana, chicken, and the goat when they can afford it, mainly ugali (maize meal) with kale.