Ray of Good Hope International Volunteers

"restoring hope to the hopeless"  


Rays of Good Hope is an international grassroots, non-profit, charitable organization with no political affiliations based in Uganda. Our main focus is sustainable development through education, entrepreneurship, and a volunteer program that helps empower women, disadvantaged children, vulnerable girl child, Youths and aged.

RAYS OF GOOD HOPE intends to spread its operations in the neighboring countries namely: Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda through partner organizations and community-based groups. RAYS OF GOOD HOPE is currently in the process of acquiring 501(c) (3) status in the United States of America through our International Volunteer coordinator.

We provide self-sustainable homes for orphans and vulnerable children through long-term programs and short term service trips that deliver quality care, shelter, food, water, clothing, health care, social work, mentoring and education.

Through the generosity of the individual members of the Wesley Church of Indiana, we were able to successfully run a poultry farming in the outskirts if Kampala which has tremendously increase sustainable capacity to provide health care, education, and economic development programs through Women of Uganda organization.

An equal amount of time is devoted to educating volunteers about our involvement in East Africa families, past, present and future. RAYS OF GOOD HOPE is making direct connections between American communities and East African families in the villages and urban centers. Through these exchanges, everyone discovers that we share more in common than not and experience the joy of making a substantial and long-lasting difference in the lives of many vulnerable children.  Due to lack of money to sustain administration of an office and pay for the huge amount of money in bills, we have decided to dedicate most of our program information online and with that, it means that negligible administration costs for worldwide impact!

We believe in efficiency, honesty, and transparency. We don't charge fees for bringing education, health care, and economic development to the communities of East Africa; we instead sustain ourselves through your goodwill and donation through volunteer programs.

The amount of money we actually request you to have is for your upkeep here while doing volunteer activities and a small amount of it goes towards supporting our core programs

If you don't have any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble. Bob Hope, when you volunteer it means you give yourself without any regression, without condition, but with full devotion... Faith Tomaquin

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